Gowan Leasing

Gowan Leasing provides leasing facilities to the corporate sector in relation to their company vehicles. Typically there are two types of Lease as follows:

  1. Contract Lease
    Is whereby you select a car and indicate an annual mileage you will do on this vehicle. Based on this vehicle and mileage Gowan Leasing will calculate a monthly lease rental over a period decided by you but would generally be over a 24 to 48 month lease period. At the end of the lease term you simply return the car to us and once the vehicle is within its contracted mileage and there is no damage on same you are liable to no further charges.

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  2. Contract Hire with Maintenance
    This lease is exactly the same as the above lease except it also includes maintenance. This maintenance contract will normally include the following:
    • Servicing as per manufacturers specifications
    • All other vehicle repairs (i.e. non accidental repairs) required outside manufacturers specified repairs
    • Road Tax
    • 24 hours roadside assistance
    • Tyres
    • Replacement courtesy vehicle during all service work

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Benefits of leasing include:

  • Fixed monthly costs for the period of the lease
  • Off balance sheet accounting as your vehicle is owned by Gowan Leasing
  • Gowan Leasing carries the risk in relation to vehicle ownership, i.e. in relation to depreciating, maintenance and residual value of the vehicle you lease
  • Contract hire results in low initial capital outlay as your outlay is the advance rentals on the lease
  • Removes administration costs associated with running a fleet of cars

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